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We are the home to 100% genuine semi-precious gemstone beads and the finest pieces you won`t find anywhere else, carefully handcrafted to make you feel luxurious and see yourself in a beautiful light.

Indulge And Adorn Yourself With Carefully Planned, Perfectly Tailored Wholesome Adornment For The Modern African Woman.

Gemstones often represent trust, love, calm, and good vibrations, depending on the gemstones chosen for your one-of-a-kind waist bead piece.

Gemstone-infused waistbeads & beaded jewellery, high-end timeless sophistication. An Art Of Dressing From Africa To The World.

Waistbeads are not just bodily adornments.

They are African lingerie. ‘Ileke by Munoyedi’ is a revival of this long lost tradition. Every carefully handcrafted piece is a work of fashion. The art of dressing: from Africa to the world.

The Munoyedi brand houses products that have been carefully designed to apply the style, spice and charm of indigenous African peoples to the desires and drive of the modern world.


Waistbeads work so well in helping you love yourself.

Crystal – Gemstone waist beads are an excellent tool to have at  hand during your healing and spiritual journey because they promote so much self-esteem, confidence, and body positivity and self-love.


Authentic Gemstones

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And Exquisitely Handcrafted


Sourced Gemstones

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We’ve expanded our collections to include not just the finest semi precious gemstone waist beads and anklets we’ve also added watch bracelets, 925 stainless steel beaded waistchains and beaded chain anklets, Presonalised name necklaces, Birthstone affirmation necklaces.

All our pieces are available in 14k solid gold, 14k gold filled gold, sterling silver and Genuine gemstones of your choice are used for custom orders always !


Looking for a gift?

We create the perfect intentional and meaningful gifts you can give yourself or your loved ones.

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