This brand was started a few years ago because I wanted women to connect with themselves differently, to see themselves in a positive light, and also revive the culture of wearing waist beads.

There was a time in our history when beads were given as gifts for coming of age, marriage, and other momentous occasions as part of a practice rooted in ancient self-care rituals. It is a beautiful thing to receive a well-thought-out gift made especially for you to mark a special occasion or a milestone in your life and I felt a lot of people were missing out.

This brought us on this journey of creating perfectly tailored and delicately handcrafted adornments. A woman’s body is a wondrous piece of creation. What better way to get women (and any other eyes fortunate enough to behold) to appreciate and fall in love all over again with their bodies than seeing them adorned with artistically crafted beadwork. Not only do they boost a wearer’s confidence, beads exponentially increase their desirability.

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